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Many of his works speak with an insistently seductive voice. Saint Melin states, "There is that which is in between the realm of the seen and the unseen, known and unknown, sound and silence, existence and potential, image and creation, thought and counter thought. It is that from which the seed of all potentiality emanates. It is the space between..."


Didier Saint Melin is a strong man of passion whose search for meaning in the universe translates to his canvasses. His impressive works attract the viewer and create a feeling of inquisitiveness as to their message and origin. The magic of creating for him is to work intuitively letting that which is unknown come to the surface. His paintings seem to grow out of the depths of his being from his heart and soul. During the process it is apparent that he paints the way he feels at the time.


A quest for spiritual transcendence exists in Saint Melin's paintings, transcendence grafted with the concept of individual vision that affects one's perception of the world. A combination of Eastern and Western philosophies in contemporary terms pervades his work. Saint Melin places an emphasis on control, balance, composition and the craft of the East while combining it with the spontaneity, directness and reductive tendencies of the West. The result is unique pieces that capture the attention and imagination of the viewer.


Saint Melin's sense of angularity and unbridled energy is evident in his works. He retains the sense of expressive subject matter, but then he infuses it with a white hot energy. Color is not always an important part of his work.The artist's total involvement and dynamism for the moment allows him the freedom to communicate and explore various pictorial languages. His paintings are sufficiently individual to be given their own place and time.


Born in Paris, France, Saint Melin is a world traveler who maintains a studio in Mexico. His is a sophisticated view of the world. Art consumes his life. His presence is electric and he infuses his space with lively conversation rife with thought provoking ideas. His solo exhibitions include Los Angeles, Paris, Guadalajara, Durango and Mexico City.


Jean McKig

Art Critic

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